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footing the entire bill for that mess. don? >> ken, obviously something like this is painful for anyone. it comes as no surprise neighbors have known about this for the last ten years. whenever it rained they worried it rained hard last week and the hill started sliding and it hasn't stopped. water drain interests a troubled hillside that continues to slide into the backsides of four homes, breaking the structures and shoving them towards the street. these homes were red tagged last week. four more were yellow tagged yesterday. the scene can be seen by chopper 5. what can't be seen is the bigger slide beneath the earth. >> there is a slipping plain about 300 feet deep and 400 feet across. it is a rotating slide, not a slading slide. >> and not new, it has been sliding for slide. four of the home red tagged last week were empty. now they may be destroyed by the city. >> we are also looking at the possibility of what it would take to actually remove the homes. however, given that the homes
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are really serving as a retaining wall right now, there most certainly have to be additional steps besides just removing the homes. dozens of concrete barriers are being placed on carson street in an effort to block the slide and protect the utilities. and homes on the other side of the street. neighbors have lived with the threat for at least a decade and worried in winter rain. >> the hillside has been coming down for ten years. there are two houses that used to be there. >> as a member of the homeowner's association she could face a lawsuit. the association owns the sliding hillside. >> most homers paying for monthly homeowner's fees that's a landscaping kind of payment. not, you know, trying to holdback the hillside kind of a payment. >> she and other homeowners will be at america less city council this evening as the city prepares a resolution to declare an emergency that may
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open the funding for an emergency. >> i don't think it is fair for the homeowners to take on the benefit of a landslide. that was never anything that the sales people talked about. >> they expect to have perhaps some public comment on it. there is a question if they can do anything even if they have an emergency declaration. >> don nap, thank you for that. the slide problems don't end in hercules. there is also trouble just west of morgan hill tonight. and len ramirez gives us a closer look there. >> reporter: even the big machines of the county road crew look small in comparison to the massive slides blocking the hill. the road into the canyon here goes up about five mills but there is a 200-foot gap in it right now. volunteer firefighter carl taylor's son lives on the other side of the slide in a remote enabled now practically isolated for days. the slide made the only road into the area impassable.
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he sent me a text last night and he was out of propane and kerosene. i sent him a text back saying you will be okay as long as you got whiskey. >> a steep section of hillside gave week sunday after weeks of pounding rain. it toppled redwoods and oaks and took down utility poles cutting off electrical and telephone service for dozens of phones and cabins in the swedish american community. one family from the area had to drive around the slide on dirt trails. >> our car wouldn't make it out. we had to go up over the top and down around. so our neighbors are going to town to get gas and supplies. >> it is the biggest but not the only mud slide crews are having to deal with. steep hills are breaking away. >> the hill can only hold so much water and then it slides down the hill. >> the slide removal is complicated by all of the trees. the crews hope to have one lane open by thursday making it a
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five-day ordeal for those living on the other side. >> we're all very organized up there. everything is good, you know. except for the freezer. we just can't open the door. they are hanging in pretty good. >> len ramirez, cbs 5. a neighborhood in san pablo remains in emergency response mode following a landslide there last week. six homes have been evacuated and the city of san pablo issued an emergency declaration sunday afternoon. now, the city is working with emergency officials to procure state assistance in accordance with the national disaster assistance act. no injuries have been reported. and the city officials plan to meet with the homeowners affected by the slide tomorrow night. and officials in santa cruz county estimate that the recent heavy storms caused at least $17 million in damage there. the board of supervisors is expected to formally declare a local state of emergency to position the county for state
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and federal aid. county officials put the damage in unincorporated areas of the county at $7 million, including the slide near scotts valley last week. california's 3-year-old drought is over thanks to the seemingly endless storms. that's the good news. governor jerry brown will make the official announcement after the season's last snow survey which is tomorrow. the drought actually ended last year, but state officials held off declaring it over because weather war storage had not fully recovered. at last check the sierra snowpack is at 159% of normal. the state reservoirs are filled. state officials are also investigating an early morning explosion that triggered a big fire at an east bay oil refinery. this happened at 5:30 this morning at the evergreen oil refinery in newwark. that fire ball was several stories high. the heat could be found from the surrounding streets. a spokesperson for the refinery would only say that the fire
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originated from equipment failure. one employee was injured and was taken to the hospital. neighbors say this is not the first time that there has been a problem at this refinery. >> i bring my children. i close my windows. and i have been to the hospital over it. i have had headaches, excruciating headaches about two days after the fact. the plant was closed for the rest of the day as the state investigates. the newwark city manager says that the city itself has recorded about a dozen violations and even fined evergreen oil several thousand dollars. that's what happened in oakland as sparks flew overnight after a transformer exploded. it happened at kennedy and frederick streets near 880. pg&e says that a secondary line came down from a pole sparking the small explosion. a nearby ramp had to be closed for about an hour while the crews work to restore power to customers. nobody was hurt. well, in redwood city today, fish and game had to kill a mountain lion that
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wandered into a neighborhood. neighbors first spotted the animal on wipple avenue at 8:15 this morning. police responded along with fish and game setting up a perimeter around the mountain lion in a backyard. k cbs reporter explains why rangers say they could not let that animal live. >> reporter: redwood city and california fish and game authorities killed a mountain lion cornered on this city home's backyard. they initially considered tranquilizing the animal but the mountain lion was behind two fences separating the backyard. so it seemed like an unpredictable situation. >> i could see it stairing through the fence. it was a standoff. the cat was just cowering and hiding. it showed its teeth a couple of times. >> he jumped up and started thrashing around. the fence just started to move. but i didn't actually see the
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animal. >> if this animal is hit with a dart how is it going to react? where is it going to go? no matter which direction it went it would go into a neighborhood. >> they wentahead and shot two rounds and killed the animal. they estimated the width of the animal at 150-pound. this began the 8 a.m. when police got reports of a mountain lion on several roads near the hospital. a redwood city spokesman says an automated advisory went out to area residents. people were advised to stay in their homes. neighborhoods residents say there have been other are recent mountain lion sightings near the college. i'm simon perez in san francisco covering the barry bonds trial. wait until you hear how little privacy major league players had as they submitted to drug tests. when he took control of the oakland police department he cited morale as one of the top problems. so how are things now? a status report and a pep talk
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on chief bats. and bad news for men losing their hair at a young age. it could be a sign of real health problems. live a greener life. eco-friendly businesses show you how april 9 and 10 at the san francisco food bank and get a free one-day pass. a community message from cbs 5. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today. prosecutors . some of baseball's best testified in the perjury trial for barry bonds today. prosecutors hope that their testimony helps prove that bonds lied to a federal grand jury about steroid use. simon perez on the big name players that testified and what they had to say. simon? >> reporter: dana, several of those big name players said that they got steroids from greg anderson who, as you know, was barry bonds' personal train heer. we also learned today that the management of the san francisco giants ball club was a little worried what was going on in the 2000 season. why was barry bonds gaining so much weight? even though he hasn't testified in this trial, greg anderson was the focus of today's
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proceedings. a buyhood friends of barry bonds and the homerun king's personal trainer, anderson appears to be a source of steroids for several major league players. first jason giambi, a superstar for the oakland as and the new york yankees who met anderson during an all star trip with barry bonds to japan. he mailed him steroids called cream in the clear and referred to it as an alternative that would not show on a test and would have steroid-like properties. he referred him to his brother jeremy also a major leaguer who also received the cream in the clear. he had access to some peds or performance end dancing drugs and thought it might be a good idea to go on and use these peds. all of that implies but obviously doesn't prove that he knowingly took steroids he got from anderson, a point made by bonds' employee. john conte took the stand and talked about changes he saw in bonds in 1999 and 2000.
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his muscles got bigger in my opinion. i would use the word significant. the giants management was also concerned about his weight. they sent this letter to bonds in 2000. look at his his weight goes up in 1988 to 2000 in the third column. over that time he put on 50 pounds unofficially. but the giants were concerned. the boss wrote to bonds' agent you should know that in several cases these weights have had to be estimated because barry has refused to get on the scales. we do have a concern. in fact, a greg concern over barry's weight. we are convinced he has been over 230 pounds. the rangers think about covering details like this. here is one. none of the players testified to having tried the cream in the clear said it helped. they didn't think it made any difference so they quit using it. two barry bonds used to lift heavyweights before games a
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different regimen. he liked to lift heavyweights they liked to rest. he had to submit urine samples during the major league p.m. baseball tests. the player would have to lift up his shirt, drop his pants to his knees, spin all the way around and the tester would actually watch him urinate into the cup. that's how little privacy they had. baseball was serious about making sure that nobody cheated on those tests. yes. i wonder if that's just standard operating procedure for any kind of drug testing. but it's very interesting that they would try to track his weight. had the team ever tried to track barry's weight prior to this time period? >> well, you saw that they weighed all the players all the time. the trainer was saying that that was a significant part of following up and making sure the players were healthy. they weren't overweight. you know, with contracts coming up, if somebody is out of shape and overweight you don't want to pay him so much. >> yes. >> so putting everybody on the scale was standard procedure, everybody. >> all right. simon perez, thank you. there has been a lot of
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talk lately about the morale or lack thereof on the oakland police department. but the city's top cop is singing the praises of his officers now. at his monthly press conference tonight chief anthony bats addressed some recent concerns about low morale on the police force. this in the wake of lay-offs and a recent bid by bats to take over as san jose's police chief. but chief bats says his officers are doing great work. >> through all of these things that we have dealt with, this is a good organization and a lot of good people working here. the reality is that you guys don't report all the time that crime was down in the city of oakland last year. did i say crime was down in the city of oakland last year? >> now, bats said that morale was low on the force when he first took over, opd in the spring of 2009. well, president's day auto sale in concord racked up some big sales for dealers. the dealers donated some of those profits to help save programs in the city schools.
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ann on a win-win situation all- around. >> thank you. congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: february car sales at concord dealerships paid off for the school district's these and musicians. the foundations were set up to help after they each received a cut of $6,000. >> the $6,000 will help with after school for instrumental music. we are speculating right now. but $6,000 can provide music, a lot of music, paper music in the schools. >> reporter: the city and the car dealerships teamed up for an ad campaign during the president's day holiday to get people to buy cars in concord. and they decided to help students along the way. each $1 counts since music and athletic programs each need more than $1 million each year to be fully funded. >> at this time last year, we had achieved our goals. and we are probably three quarters of the way there. so obviously that's a concern. >> reporter: how worried are
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you that they may not raise the money to play next season? >> like i can't even, like, think about what life would be like without sports. >> reporter: today's check presentations helped morale and are assigned for some this campaign worked. >> did this have an impact on sales? >> i have to say it did. we had people coming out right from the very beginning, right from when the campaign started. >> reporter: they are not saying how many cars were exactly sold but a big enough success they are talking about next year. >> i would sign up and start working on it now. >> reporter: even high school rivals can agree they need to stick together off the field to survive. in concord, this is cbs 5. roberta, it was really difficult coming to work today. i am sure folks, almost everybody in the bay area. >> oh, you have a. poor baby, you should go home tomorrow. >> and thursday, right? >> yes. >> because those will pan out to be the two warmest days of this week. the two warmest days so far this year. the seven day forecast is live
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with our cbs looking out towards the interest -- transamerica building towards san francisco. now looking out passed lake currie where today we had a high temperature of 69 degrees. a few high and wispy clouds. share with you where those are coming from. but first off heading out to the bay bridge series in oakland. lucky you. barry zito on the mound for the giants. and gonzalez for the oakland as. game time temperature of 57 degrees. a few of those clouds overhead. otherwise breezely westerlies at 13 miles per hour. out and about this evening, we currently still have 72 in santa rosa after a high today of 73 degrees. bayside mostly clear skies. and a little bit on the breezy side around the seashore. tonight overnight numbers mild. the 40s and 50s. northwest breeze 10-15. tomorrow those breezes will kick up to about 20 offshore because we have high pressure and it is strengthening. as it does so it is diverting
6:19 pm
the storm track to the north of the bay area. these are clouds that undercut that ridge of high pressure made into the bay area today. not so much the case after tomorrow morning. in fact, we are going to be flirting with near or record warmth tomorrow. and then again on thursday. the record in santa rosa is 82. we should break that and get awfully close to that record in santa cruz. meanwhile your pinpoint forecast at 61 to 88. 78 degrees in san jose. 86 outside number on thursday. numbers gradually come down on friday. we re-introduce a chance of rain right here in the bay area on saturday. otherwise partial clearing sunday through tuesday. we will talk about pollen report. dana, it's something that you and ken will definitely want to know about. >> okay. looks great, roberta, thank you. hey, guys, if you are going bald at an early age, there could be even more discouraging news. the link between hair loss and serious health problems. that's up in two minutes. at a,,,,,,,,
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for . well, it turns out that men who start losing their hair early in life may be at a greater risk for a series illness later on. dr. kim is here to talk a little bit about that. we have to define what early in life means. that's the first parameter, right? >> french researchers studied a group of 700 men. they found those who started going bald in their 20s were at a much higher risk of developing prostrate cancer. male pad involvements is common amongst them. but it may be a showing of prostrate cancer. >> early male baldness is associated with a malfunction of the testosterone which is the male hormone. what's interesting, it is that same male hormone that is
6:23 pm
associated with prostrate cancer. >> reporter: in a french study doctors found that if a man in his early 20s has a pronounced widow's peak from his hair receding he should be vigilant about screening for prostrate cancer. >> the men need to start getting tested for prostrate cancer with a psa blood test earlier than normal men who don't start until age 50. >> some urologists believe that a group of young men should talk to their doctors about getting on propecia that look the enzyme that converts testosterone in the body to another hormone called dht. too much dht shortens the life of the hair follow inning will which causes male baldness. >> it is that drug that can be very protective against developing prostrate cancer. so there is a double reason why
6:24 pm
men should consider taking finasteride. >> they have also been linked to reduce sperm counts, inn fertility and impotence. men with baldness starting in their 30s or later did not have a higher risk of prostrate cancer. however, it is important to note there are other much more significant risk factors for prostrate cancer, age, race and family history. men who have a father, a brother or a son with prostrate cancer are two and a half times more likely to get the disease. again you have to look at everything individually. what are the risks and benefits in relation to you. >> you take the drugs and they have side effects. >> right. you don't take the drugs do you get cancer? how long do you take the drugs to prevent cancer that may or may not need to be treated? it is a big issue. talk to your doctor. >> thank you very much, kim. the supreme court heads to wal-mart. the consequences could be huge and not just for the world's
6:25 pm
largest retailer. what's at stake in the landmark anti-discrimination case. >> and the fighting intensifies in libya. and with growing concerns over the financial cost. how does a week in libya measure up against a week in iraq? >> and a bit later, the rain is gone and the rebuilding begins. an update on the very busy and irrepressible latinas beavers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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women who worked for walmart say they were underp [ music ] thousands of women who worked at wal-mart said that they were under paid and passed over for promotions. and they are part of a huge sex discrimination class action lawsuit that began in the bay area ten years ago and is now before the u.s. supreme court. christin airs on the questions raised by the justices today. christin? >> reporter: dana, the supreme court is not actually ruling whether sex discrimination happened. rather, they are trying to determine whether hundreds of thousands of women will be allowed to bring that lawsuit in what could be the largest collective corporate lawsuit ever. what started with this woman's claim of sex ism at the nation's largest retailer.
6:29 pm
>> i believe that there was a pattern of discrimination at wal-mart, not just in my store, but i believe it is across the country. record has ballooned a decade later into a class action lawsuit. up to one million possible plaintiffs, all female, all claiming discrimination in pay and promotion. now the supreme court has to decide whether their lawsuit has become too big and too broad. at least one justice seemed to think so. justice scalea pressed the lawyers doesn't your class include women under paid and women who weren't? isn't that commonalty? >> well, i think there were good questions asked on both sides. it was a good argument. and i think it covered a lot of ground. >> reporter: wal-mart lawyers pushed even harder urging the court to halt the case because many women thrived. 544 are female store managers. if the class action lawsuit moves forward wal-mart could be forced to pay billions if they
6:30 pm
lose. the lawyers for the plaintiffs think the decision could affect women all over the country. >> it could affect women as it pertains to discrimination and discrimination and promotions. >> reporter: now, it is important to note that wal-mart has maintained that it continues to develop programs to attract diversity and inclusion throughout this process they have maintained that. the justices will make a decision on whether this class action lawsuit can go forward in june, dana. >> a lot at stake here. thank you. the white house is urging the international community to show a united front against moammar gadhafi. world leaders meeting in london agree that he has lost legitimacy but did not agree not to discuss ammunition with him. >> reporter: rebels fighting to take control of moammar
6:31 pm
gadhafi's hometown are finding themselves outgunned as they were treated from the government stronghold. this fighter said where is america? where is great britain. they should come here and help us. coalition air strikes have helped rebels regain territory. but under the u.n. resolution the military operation is limited to protecting civilians. secretary of state hillary clinton met with representatives of the libyan opposition in london. ahead of a conference in front of 40 partners to discuss libya's future. >> we must continue to pursue the broader goal of a libya that belongs not to a dictator but to the libyan people. >> reporter: world leaders are calling for more sanctions to increase pressure on moammar gadhafi. but they did not talk about arming the rebels. >> we have not made any decision about arming the rebels or providing any arms transfers. >> reporter: president obama says moammar gadhafi needs to leave. but he has ruled out using u.s. troops to oust him. >> we have to ratchet up our diplomatic and our political
6:32 pm
pressure on him so that at some point he many i-a decision to leave. >> reporter: on capitol hill some lawmakers argue more force may be necessary to get moammar gadhafi to go. >> this is the libyan people's fight. but we need to continue to help make it a fairer fight. >> reporter: the submarines filed another barrage of missiles on tuesday in tripoli. it has cost already $500 million. and one more note on the intervention in libya, much has been made of the financial cost involved. you've heard the political rhetoric. the u.s. military's involvement in the no-fly zone has cost $600 million over eight days. now, that cost is expected to fall as nato and other applied nations take a larger role. as for america's eight-year war in iraq, take a look at the numbers. congressal budget estimates put that weekly cost at about $2 billion a week.
6:33 pm
the total bill passed $700 billion last year. projected costs by the year 2017, including the interest costs for the money that the u.s. had to borrow to fund the iraq war, $2.4 trillion. and now to japan where authorities appear no closer to solving the problems at that crippled nuclear plant. japan's prime minister says the country is handling its nuclear crisis "in a state of maximum alert." at that plant removing radioactive water is still the most urgent task for workers. pollute own yum has been discovered in the soil near the complex. meanwhile, in the united states, the nuclear regulatory commission is reviewing safety procedures at 104 nuclear power plants nationwide to see if there is any immediate need to make changes. coming up, maybe you drop stuff off there. maybe you shop there. but what actually happens to the items at goodwill between the donation drop and the cash
6:34 pm
register. that's tonight's good question. and all of that rain washed away a lot of work at the creek but tonight good news for animal lovers. proof the beavers will be okay. let's say you are getting married. what location are you going to pick? hopefully not this one. with more on that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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julie watts ex . mortgage brokers will soon have to play by a new set of rules. on the consumer watch, julie watts explains it should lead to better rates on loans and refinancing. >> reporter: starting friday some mortgage brokers are going to have to change the way they do business. it limits their commissions on loans. right now the commissions are tied to the interest rate so the higher the interest rate the more the brocker earns. critics say that's an incentive
6:37 pm
to turn borrowers to higher interest loans. it will likely drive some smaller brokers out of business. also on the consumer watch, last month we told you about new at&t's third block party. at&t will permanently prevent those annoying cramming charges. but whenbill ferguson made that call in hopes of stopping ild telephone services he was told it couldn't be done. >> i actually talked to her and said i know for a fact you can remove third party charges. she said no, we can't. however if you sign up for uverse we can block third party charges. i am not signing up for uverse. >> we contacted at&t which assured us the third party block was, in fact, available to all customers. and bill got his third party block within 24 hours. and finally tonight, the case of early cancellation fees. when a viewer from sunnyvale contacted consumer watch he wanted out of his two-year
6:38 pm
direct t.v. contract. he signed up for $29.99 special promotion but instead was charged $69 a month. he couldn't afford it so he cancelled his service and got a $440 cancellation fee. we contacted directt.v. which explains he did not follow the proper rebate steps to qualify for the lower price. but as a courtesy they waived the cancellation fee. these contracts are usually binding. so before you sign up for anything, be sure to read that fine print. if you have a consumer complaint give us a call. on the consumer watch, julie watts, cbs 5. all right. if you've ever donated or shopped at the goodwill stores, you have probably had the same question that mike has had in san francisco. he wants to know how are the clothes processed, sorted and cleaned before they hit the racks at goodwill? that's tonight's good question. [ music ] >> it's one of the busiest stores in san francisco. and there is nothing new about
6:39 pm
it. >> clothes, shoes, books, you know, electronics, house wares and any number of different things. >> michael is the material donations manager for good will. and oversees the tons of items that come in by truck. with 28 donation sites in northern california. >> from the trucks, it goes to our several warehouses that we have. 3-where the items are sorted by category and whether it is good or bad. >> reporter: he says items are checked for cleanliness. they don't launder anything here. some of the 700 employees will eventually go through everything. and even the old beat up clothing is used. nothing goes to waste. >> old tennis shoes get recycled. >> what do they turn them into? >> they get turned into the basketball courts. >> reporter: everything else ends up getting a price tag. and out here in one of goodwill's 18 stores. computers, coats, jeans, kids clothes, you name it. >> a friends of mine was in
6:40 pm
last week and found a hugo boss and bought it for $3.49 and she was so proud of it. >> that's a steal. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: go to click on connect to send me your good questions. >> you can feel that it was warmer today across the bay area. 16 half moon bay to 73 in santa rosa. but the warmest day is yet to come. we will pinpoint that day as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. [ music ] ,,,,,,
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and dams in alhambra creek in the east bay. beaver fans were worried that martinez's . well, the recent storms that we have had has washed away the beaver lodge and the dams they built in el hamber creek. the beavers fans were worried they would have to leave. but as ann shows us, it looks like those busy little beavers are wasting no time rebuilding. >> i found them yesterday carrying debris into their lodge. >> reporter: even though the lodge and dams were washed away from the recent storms, it looks like they are giving their neighborhood another
6:44 pm
chance. >> they are around here. we photographed footprints of them coming to the lodge and saying, where is our house? and it was just completely flattened. >> reporter: do you think they will rebuild here or will they go somewhere else? >> i'm assuming that they will try to rebuild here. the question is whether they are going to be able to find enough materials. there was a lot of woody debris washed downstream in the storm. and so they can use that. >> reporter: heidi and her group worth a dam have been following the beavers since 2007, a year after they moved in. the family now consists of dad, a 2-year-old and three kits who are about 11 months old. mom died last summer. if they decide to rebuild the dad will do most of the heavy lifting in the overnight hours. but you might be lucky enough to see the kids doing their share of the work in the morning. how long will it take them to rebuild? >> once they decide to rebuild and it will take three nights.
6:45 pm
they do it fast. >> reporter: the curious onlookers will move as well. >> probably the most famous residents in martinez since muir. >> reporter: they will not disappoint at the fourth annual beaver festival in november. >> they have some good weather in which to do their work. >> until saturday. it gets iffy and primarily 209 north of the bay looking at that return of rain to the bay area. >> of course it's to the north. >> and just transfer and transition, i should say, from winter-time rains to pollen season. yes, absolutely. get prepared now if you suffer from allergies. hey, check this out. this is our live cbs weather camera looking out at a few hype thin wispy clouds. official sundown is at 7:25. this on a day when we had a considerable amount of warmup. anywhere from 60 degrees at the
6:46 pm
immediate seashore. if you are out and about still 72 in santa ros. a few clouds are drifting high overhead. show you where those clouds are coming from. overnight tonight partly cloudy. temperature-wise mild into the 40s and 50s. okay. this is where the clouds are coming from. it's an area of low pressure to the north of bay area. sure we have a ridge of high pressure right about here. but these clouds are under had condition outing the ridge. we allude to it as a dirty ridge of high pressure. but nonetheless it did not match the full abundance of sunshine. the warmest temperatures so far this year. in fact, in santa cruz the record is 81. we are forecasting 80 for wednesday. and if we do break that record, by the way, it would shatter the old record established back 111 years ago. we are counting on a record in santa rosa and getting awfully close to it in san jose. so awful spring has sprung. and with it the trees are blossoming.
6:47 pm
and tomorrow we will have the alder and the ash and the birch tree count on the medium too high side. even higher by thursday. so meanwhile, high temperatures across the north bay all the way up to 83 degrees. and mill valley the winds will blow out of the northwest at 10- 20 miles per hour. there you have your east bay numbers from 76 in alameda to 82 in antioch. from the peninsula swinging around to the santa clara valley, from 68 in pacifica to 80 degrees in morgan hill and also in santa clara, again with those offshore dry winds. the warmest day of this work week and of this year will be on thursday. 86 degrees south of san jose. otherwise still in the low to mid 80s. friday will bring down the temperatures a couple of notches with increasing cloud cover. that threat of rain returning with possible clearing sunday all the way to tuesday. my pick was sent in by brent
6:48 pm
anderson he saw a pool that was created from the recent rains. todd, we thank you, sir. we invite all of you to keep the photos coming to us. dana. >> roberta, thanks. >> how your food is prepared and packaged may expose you to a controversial chemical. so coming up on eyewitness news at 10 on the cw and 11 at cbs 5, how a bay area family got involved in the science of it and what they discovered. >> the stanford women are back in the final four. what tara told them before that game. and are the as a legitimate contender to win the division? sports is up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:49 pm
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for the sacramento kings. today, the maloofs - who own the anchise - promised . all right. it looks like one maybe two more steps towards the door for the sacramento kings. today the people who own the franchise promised to pay off the loan to sacramento if the team bolts to anaheim. mayor johnson welcomed that promise in what many see as an admission that the move is pretty much a done deal. now, to that end the anaheim city council just unanimously
6:52 pm
approved a $75 million bond to improve the arena that would house the team. it just happened. that arena, by the way, already taking season ticket reservations. if you call them for the anaheim royals. down they go. >> how about fine the deserters. too bad about sacramento because i remember being there when you couldn't get a ticket. the hottest ticket in town. the only pro ticket in town. kevin john season is a former nba star. it is amazing to me that they couldn't figure out a way to keep the kings in sacramento. it is a shame. >> middle of nowhere. >> how many teams do you need in la, the clippers and the raiders and now the traders. my commentary is over. 38,000 saw the giants take bay bridge series. tonight they go across the bay to the coliseum. [ laughter ] >> do they take batteries or are they rechargeable? >> 9-volt i got to bring some
6:53 pm
extra batteries for all of these long answers. >> bob gary humor doing his best to get the word out. many feel will not only contend but win the american league west. upgraded with david jesus. and joss willingham hoping to score more runs for their young and talented pitching staff. >> i think we have better hitters. we will score more homeruns. i don't know if our homerun totals will go up that much. >> but they tried to address the problems that they had last year. again when you look at this team and put it all together and look at it it looks like a good solid ball club. pitching is decent. add a little hitting. on paper it looks great. haven't done anything obviously yet. looking forward to going out there and move up the expectations. >> you never hear anybody in the first week say we suck. >> that's because they are undefeated. >> they are making a statement on players safety and a seven day disabled list for players
6:54 pm
who suffer concussion that way they can't return to the field before they are clear. and teams won't be shorthanded keeping a player on the roster. he suffered a concussion on the collision. but most of the time the players try to rush back. >> it is kind of a good thing, i guess. but, you know, obviously when you are a player you kind of want to get back on the field as fast as you can. but at the same time you have to think about your long-term health. >> a good move for baseball. >> it is hard for tara to top herself. but stanford basketball has done something it has never done before. >> before the game i said history will be made tonight. let's be on the good side of it. >> come on, motivation like that no doubt stanford is going to win. in front of a crowd in spokane. the sisters combined for 41 points. stanford headed for the fourth straight final four for them. next stop indianapolis with
6:55 pm
janet poland and the cardinals. >> you know, here we are fourth year. going to another final four is just like mined blowing. >> what this senior class accomplished this outstanding. i have believed in this team. you know, we have worked hard. it is just really special that we are back at the final four four years in a row. and it's incredibly exciting. and, you know, tomorrow i just have to wake up and pinch myself. i'm so happy for this team. >> again stanford the only local bay area team in the ncaa tournament. apparently the cal baseball team checked its swing. they are still down to the last strike. the people behind save cal have been aggressively raising money since the university announced that baseball and men's gymnastics would end this year. the group says they have raised more than $6 million in the passed month or so bringing their total to $9 million. that is just $1 million shy of what it would take to reinstate the program for the next 7-10 years. they are hoping an announcement
6:56 pm
could come thursday. >> we really feel strongly that, you know, we need to give the players and the players' parents a chance -- chance to know that they are going to have a place to play next year. so we really need to create, you know, hopefully what we feel like is a positive announcement as soon as possible. okay. here is one where the bridesmaid really got the shortened. no park can as. over the weekend a couple got married outdoors during a snowstorm at busch stadium in st. louis. you've got to figure the honeymoon is going to be in a warm location. but i had a website that got a really cozy igloos in alaska that they might want to check out to keep the snow thing going, you no he. >> you know, i lived in st. louis for a long time and they love their baseball there. i mean, every town loves its baseball. >> yes. >> but there is the zoo and
6:57 pm
then there is baseball in st. louis. but that's what they told me when i first moved there. i said what is there fun to do here? they said there is the zoo and there's baseball. >> and avoid the humidity. >> oh, in the summertime. >> yeah. >> it's hot there. so maybe they wanted to avoid the heat. >> the only thing about the snow is those bridesmaids will never be able to wear those dresses again. >> well, they will cut them off. >> and what's bad about that? [ laughter ] >> at least they are a pretty reasonable color. how can you tell? >> not like, you know, lime green or something. >> no. >> no, you know, that's very special. i am sure they are still happy. they didn't even realize it was snowing i'm sure. >> they will be talking about that until, you know, their kids have kids. >> you guys will be talking about it, too. [ laughter ] >> well, we have 1:15 so how did we do? we have got to go.
6:58 pm
good-bye. >> meet microbeat. [ music ]
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